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Cheap Diapers - How to Cut Diaper Costs


Cheap Diapers - How to Cut Diaper Costs
Even cheap disposable diapers are expensive when you consider that your baby will use thousands of diapers before potty training. However, babies require at least a few diapers in their early years, so it's a necessary expense for most families. That expense can put quite a burden on your budget, though, which leads lots of parents to seek out cheap (or cheaper) diapers wherever and whenever they can. Here are some ways you can reduce your spending on diapers.

In preparing this article, I took a look at the cost of various brands of disposable diapers at discount and department stores, as well as online-only stores. Unless otherwise specified, I compared size 3 diapers for all brands, and I looked for the biggest package available at the time.

Cheap Generic Diapers

Generic diapers can be significantly cheaper than name brand disposables. Some generic brands are pretty good, while others leave a lot to be desired. You can learn which generic diapers work well for others is to ask around among friends, or check out disposable diaper reviews online. Parents and caregivers often have strong opinions on diapers and they're willing to share!

The following disposable diapers are store brands or other generic diaper brands, and can be found relatively cheap most of the time.

  • DG Baby Diapers (Dollar General) - $4.50 for 24, or less than 19 cents per diaper.
  • Parent's Choice Diapers (Walmart) - $13.97 for 96, or less than 15 cents per diaper.
  • up & up Diapers (Target) - $19.99 for 144, or less than 14 cents per diaper.
  • Little Ones Diapers (K-Mart) - $5.99 for 35, or 17 cents per diaper.
  • Meijer Baby Diapers (Meijer) - $15.99 for 96, or less than 17 cents per diaper.

When buying generic or store brand diapers, it's a good idea to carry a calculator with you so that you can check prices between brands and different size packages. Some store brand diapers may not be very cheap compared to name brand diapers when you do the math. For example, when I checked the everyday prices on store brands for CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid, the cost per diaper was very close to that of a mega-pack of Huggies brand diapers - 23 cents or more per diaper. If the generics aren't much cheaper, and they're not on sale, you might be better off with the brand name diaper.

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