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From bathtubs for tiny newborns to musical potties for toddlers, there are so many bath products for baby. Here, you'll find information on bathing products, toiletries, disposable and cloth diapering and toilet training supplies.
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Before You Buy a Baby Bath Tub
Some parents like to use a plastic baby tub to bathe their newborn. If you are looking for a baby bath tub, here are some things to consider before you go shopping.

Bathe Baby Safely - Avoid Drowning Risks At Home
It doesn't take very much water for an infant or toddler to drown. Here are some safety precautions you can take to keep your infant or toddler safe during bath time and around the house.

Three Cool Ways To Store Bath Toys
Bath toy storage is a necessity when you have young kids, or the bathroom soon feels overrun with floating ducks and other soggy bath gear. These bath toy storage options are stylish and drain well, so bath toys don't mildew as easily.

Puj Tub Review
The Puj Tub is a modern, minimalist way to give your baby a bath. This cool baby bath tub hangs flat to dry, folds in a snap for bath time, and cradles baby comfortably in your sink. Learn more in this Puj Tub review.

Should You Buy a Baby Bath Seat
Slippery, wiggly babies can be a challenge at bath time. A bath seat or bath ring might help, as long as you use these products carefully.

What Is A European-Style Baby Bath Tub?
European-style baby bath tubs, or tummy tubs, are becoming more popular in the U.S., but they look a little funny to those of us who are used to long, shallow baby tubs. Learn about European baby tubs and why you might want to try one with your baby.

European Style Baby Bath Tubs
European-style baby bath tubs are round and deep, and look a bit like a bucket in which you're supposed to bathe your infant. Here are three European baby tubs to try.

How To Wash Baby In A European-Style Baby Tub
European-style baby bath tubs are becoming more popular in the U.S., but some parents have a hard time effectively washing baby in these deeper, round rubs. Here's how to wash your baby in a European-style baby tub.

Baby Bath Products to Try - Great-Smelling Baby Shampoos & Body Washes
There are a lot of baby shampoos and body washes available today, and that makes it hard to choose which one to use for your baby's bath. These baby shampoos and body washes will leave your baby squeaky clean and smelling great!

Is the Kitchen Sink Clean Enough for Baby's Bath?
Babies have been bathed in kitchen sinks for generations, but studies show that kitchen sinks are some of the most unsanitary places in the home. Do you bathe baby in the kitchen sink, or think it's not clean enough for your baby? Vote in this baby bathing poll!

Baby Light and Clip Nail Clippers Review
Babies' nails grow so fast, but clipping those tiny nails is often difficult. Baby Light and Clip nail clippers have a light built in to make clipping baby's nails much easier.

BellyLaf Grippees Wash Mitts Review
Grippees Bath Mitts are gloves designed to help you wash your slippery baby without losing your grip. Do they work? Do you need them?

Boogie Wipes Review
Boogie Wipes have become one of my winter staple products for when my kids get runny noses. Learn more about these saline-infused nose wipes in this Boogie Wipes review.

Cozy Hooded Towels for Babies and Toddlers
Sure, you could use a plain towel to dry baby after the bath, but these hooded towels are a treat!

Buy Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are the choice for a growing number of parents, due to concerns about environmental impact and how baby is affected by diaper chemicals. Learn more about the pros and cons of cloth diapers, how much you might spend on this method, and other considerations in this cloth diapers buying guide.

Dipe N Go Review
The Dipe N Go diaper changing station attaches to the inside of your SUV or minivan to create a fold-down diaper changing spot with handy storage pockets.

4Moms Bath Spout Cover with Digital Thermometer Review
This high-tech spout cover and baby bath thermometer will help you keep your baby safe and comfortable at bathtime.

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