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What Are Asian-Style Baby Carriers?


Definition: Asian-style baby carriers are soft, unstructured baby carriers that, at the most basic level, consist of a square of fabric with straps at each corner. Simple Asian-style baby carriers are worn by tying two straps around the waist, then pulling the other straps over the shoulders and tying them in varying ways. The fabric square forms a pouch in front where the baby can sit, usually facing the babywearer. Asian-style baby carriers can also be worn on the back.

Some Asian-style baby carriers may have straps that attach back to the carrier instead of being tied around the wearer. Some have a shaped piece of fabric instead of a square to form the pouch for baby. The materials used for these carriers varies widely, and may be padded or unpadded.

These carriers are often called mei tai carriers or mei tai slings.

Also Known As: mei tai baby carrier
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