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2013 About.com Baby Products Readers' Choice Awards

Nominate Your Favorite Baby Products


Nominations are now closed. You can click the links below to vote for the finalists in each category through March 19.

Beginning Jan. 14, 2013, you can nominate your favorite baby products in several categories for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. The nomination phase will end at 11:59 p.m. EST on Feb. 11, 2013. Voting will begin on Feb. 19, 2013, and will close on March 19, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winners will be announced on March 27, 2013. Add your nominations in the baby products categories below, then check out other awards categories at the main 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards page. You can also check out the other 2013 About.com Parenting and Family Readers' Choice Awards for categories that relate to other ages and stages.

Best Infant Car Seat

2013 About.com Baby Products Readers' Choice Awards
Which infant car seat is easiest to install and use? The Best Infant Car Seat category is open to any infant-only car seat that is available for sale during the nomination phase. An infant-only car seat is one that can only be installed rear-facing and has a handle to allow the car seat to be carried outside of the car.

Best Cloth Diapers

Any cloth diaper brand and style is eligible in this category. Nominate your favorite pocket diaper, fitted diaper, all-in-one, or another cloth diaper style. Work-at-home mom diaper companies and other small manufacturers are eligible, too!

Best Baby Carrier

Baby carriers come in all different shapes, styles and patterns, and any of them are eligible for Best Baby Carrier this year. You can nominate any baby carrier that is available as of the beginning of the nomination phase. This includes all baby carrier types from small, handmade carrier companies as well as major manufacturers.

Best Travel System

The super-convenient travel system is one of the most popular purchases for new parents-to-be. Did you find one that worked well for you? A travel system is an infant car seat and stroller sold as a bundle to work together or separately. Any travel system that is available during the nomination phase is eligible in this category.

Best Lightweight Stroller

If you could choose just one lightweight stroller as the perfect one, which stroller would you choose? For this category, a lightweight stroller is defined as one that weighs less than 20 pounds. You can nominate any currently available lightweight stroller in this category.

Best Full-Size Stroller

A full-size stroller is meant to be everything you could ever want in the strolling realm. Have you found the perfect full-size stroller? You can nominate any four-wheeled standard stroller in this category, as long as it's available for sale during the nomination phase.

Best Convertible Car Seat

There are many factors that might lead you to choose a convertible car seat as your favorite. You might like the high weight and height limits, the ease of installation, or hey, even the pattern on the cover. Regardless of your reasons, you can nominate your favorite convertible seat here. A convertible car seat is one that can face the rear or the front of the vehicle to accommodate babies of different ages or developmental stages. The Best Convertible Car Seat category is open to any currently available convertible car seat.

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