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2013 About.com Baby Products Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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2013 Best Baby Carrier - Baby K'Tan
Baby k'Tan baby carrier
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.com.
Baby K'Tan is a soft, stretchy carrier that is similar to a baby wrap, except you don't have to do much wrapping to use it. The two main loops slip over your head like a t-shirt, then you slide baby inside, and secure the baby with the stretchy belt portion. Parents love the simplicity and comfort most, but the Baby K'Tan also gets high marks for washability and breathability.

It comes in 4 sizes to fit most parents, and in several attractive solid colors. The carrier costs about $40 (Compare Prices at Pricegrabber.com). You can get the in-depth scoop on this baby carrier in my Baby K'Tan review.

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