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ErgoBaby Carrier Review

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ErgoBaby Carrier

This soft gray fabric with embroidered stars is just one of the many options available on the sturdy and comfortable ErgoBaby soft structured carrier.

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ErgoBaby Carrier Features

I recently had a chance to review the ErgoBaby Bundle of Joy carrier, which included an ErgoBaby Original carrier and a matching infant insert. Overall I really liked using the ErgoBaby carrier. It's very sturdy, and as the name implies, built for comfort whether you're the babywearer or the wearee.

The ErgoBaby is a soft structured baby carrier made of canvas with a cotton poplin lining. The Organic carrier collection is, of course, made of organic cotton canvas and poplin. The Original ErgoBaby works for babies from 3-4 months old (when they can hold their heads up) to a maximum weight of 45 pounds. With the infant insert, which is available with the Bundle of Joy package or separately, you can use the Ergobaby carrier from birth.

This carrier can be used in three different babywearing holds. You can do a front carry, back carry, or hip carry. The shape of the carrier allows the baby to sit facing the parent with hips and legs in a squat-spread position, which doesn't stress tiny joints and encourages proper hip, pelvis and spine development.

The shoulder straps have one-inch high-density foam inside, and are adjustable from 24 inches to 45 inches. The waist strap is also foam-padded, and adjusts from 26 inches to 55 inches. There's an adjustable chest strap, a built-in sleeping hood, a small pocket that doubles as the hood pouch, and a large zipper pocket to stash your essentials.

There are several different ErgoBaby carrier styles, and the prices are different for each. The Original carrier can usually be found for about $90 and has an MSRP of $115 to $120. The Bundle of Joy carrier package that ErgoBaby sent for my review has an MSRP of $135.

What I Like About the ErgoBaby Carrier

The main selling point for the ErgoBaby is comfort, and they really deliver on that point. Almost any baby carrier can be comfortable with a tiny newborn, but a wiggly, gangly toddler is another story altogether. I was able to carry my 26-pound son in the ErgoBaby for hours, in a front carry or on my back, and I was comfortable the whole time. He must have been pretty comfortable, too, because he fell asleep a few times, despite lots of exciting stuff going on around him. My son doesn't fuss and squirm to get out of this baby carrier, and that's probably as good a review as you'll get out of a one year old.

The canvas material of this baby carrier is very sturdy and supportive. There's padding around the edges so it doesn't dig in anywhere uncomfortable, but you don't feel like the baby is dangling around. I always felt like my son was held to me tightly. After using the carrier for a couple of months, it still looks brand new. This is definitely a carrier that will survive hard use for more than one child. The two pockets on the carrier are convenient. They're just right for some cash and your keys, plus a small toy or pacifier.

For younger babies, I really like the matching infant insert. It's like a little padded sleeping bag or cocoon that takes up the extra space in the carrier so a newborn can snuggle in comfortably and safely. The top of the insert is padded and arched to give head support, too. If you're going to spend a significant amount of money on a baby carrier, it's great to have this extra accessory so that you can start using the carrier right away.

The adjustability of the ErgoBaby carrier is fantastic. It can be cinched down small enough to fit my petite daughter, and then adjusts out again to fit my very broad-shouldered husband. All of the adjustments are fast and easy, just like adjusting backpack straps. It's really nice that you don't have to buy two carriers to fit parents of different sizes.

There are tons of options to customize your ErgoBaby carrier. Besides the Original and Organic collections, there's a Designer series with bold, fashionable prints, an Options carrier with interchangeable color and pattern pieces, and Performance and Sport collections made of breathable, quick-dry materials. You can also purchase weather covers, teething pads, and matching changing pads and backpacks.

What I Don't Like About the ErgoBaby Carrier

As far as baby carriers go, the ErgoBaby is at the top of the field in terms of comfort and durability. You do get what you pay for in this case, but the price tag, at $100 and up, is a bit steep for many parents.

The padding and structure of the carrier are excellent for comfort, but they make the carrier harder to fold up small. You need to devote a big portion of your diaper bag to baby carrier space.

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