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This week, a reader emailed to ask my opinion on when babies should use exersaucers or play saucers. She felt that her 4-month-old son was still too small to use a play saucer, but some of her family members were encouraging her to prop baby in the saucer with pillows so he could enjoy it earlier. This baby had good head and neck control but could not yet sit up alone.

I think babies should be able to use play saucers once they have good head and neck control, and can sit comfortably in the saucer's seat. I wouldn't prop a baby in the saucer with blankets or pillows, though. While I think paying attention to manufacturer's suggested ages is a good idea, I would be more comfortable making the decision based on baby's abilities and comfort rather than just age.

What do you think? Let me know how you would decide when to let baby use a play saucer, either by voting in the poll below, or adding your thoughts via the comments link below.
How Do You Decide When Baby Can Use a Play Saucer?
  1. I decide by age.
  2. I judge by ability to sit up alone.
  3. I judge by ability to hold head up.
  4. Whenever baby seems happy in it!
  5. I prop my baby in it with pillows from birth.

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